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Boolean Maths Hub

About Maths Hubs

Maths Hubs have been established to help schools and colleges lead improvement in mathematics education in England. They seek to harness all the maths leadership and expertise within an area, to develop and spread excellent practice, for the benefit of all pupils and students. They are part of the wider development of school-led system leadership in England.

What is a Maths Hub?

Each Maths Hub is a partnership, led locally by an outstanding school or college. The lead school identifies strategic partners, who help plan and evaluate the hub’s work, and operational partners, who help carry out the hub’s work. So, the hub is not just the lead school or college – instead it is more like a maths leadership network involving schools, colleges and other organisations with maths education expertise from across the hub’s area.

Where are the Maths Hubs and who do they serve?

There are now 35 Maths Hubs that together serve all the regions of England. Each Maths Hub is open to working with any schools and colleges, from early years providers to post-16 institutions, in the broad geographical area that it covers.

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